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Activities - in chronological order

Early Childhood Education (K - 3): Diagnosis, Assessment and Evaluation

Activity type: Consensus Committee
Activity coordinator: Reut Yamin, Ph.D
Activity period: 2006-2008

Education System Indicators

Activity type: Consensus Committee
Activity coordinator: Gabriel Bukobza
Activity period: 2007-2010

Emerging research knowledge about language and reading in general and in Arabic in particular

Activity type: Members of the Steering Committee
Activity coordinator: Itay Pollak
Activity period: 7.2011

Teacher-Student Interaction

Activity type: Members of the Steering Committee
Activity coordinator: Udit Nisan
Activity period: 2009
 Special Activity: Symposium and workshop
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Who will Teach in a Teacher Shortage?

Activity type: Expert Team
Activity coordinator: Ohad Leslau, Ph.D
Activity period: 2008-2010
Chair: Prof. Ruhama Even
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Assessment and Evaluation in Education

Activity type: Consensus Committee
Activity coordinator: Members from 'Assessment and Evaluation in Education' expert team
Activity period: 2004-2006
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