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Assessment and Evaluation in Education

Activity type: Consensus Committee
Activity coordinator: Members from 'Assessment and Evaluation in Education' expert team
Activity period: 2004-2006

When the Initiative began operations in 2004, its steering committee determined that the field of educational assessment and evaluation is central to its goals of applied research in education and critical for policy shapers and decisions makers and, thus, should be one of its fields of investigations.
The Initiative completed two projects in this sphere:
The Expert Committee on Assessment and Evaluation in Education began its activities as an organizing committee for two seminars on the topic of “What is the knowledge-base for those involved in assessment and evaluation in education?” Investigators, professionals and decision makers participated in the seminar as presenters and audience.
The background materials, seminar agenda and seminar presentations are available for download by clicking on "News and Events".
The committee continued its study of the topic and summarized its findings in a document entitled, "A Framework for Curricula: Academic Studies and Professional Development Programs in Assessment and Evaluation in Education." It was publicized in the fall of 2005 and discussed in a joint forum of the Higher Education Council and officials from the Ministry of Education and the Israeli National Authority for Measurement and Evaluation in Education (known by its Hebrew acronym, RAMA). Available in English and Hebrew, the document can be downloaded by clicking on Background Materials.
In the summer of 2006, the Initiative held a week-long course on "Evaluating Effectiveness in Education," taught by Prof. Robert Boruch of the University of Pennsylvania. The course was designed for university level instructors of assessment and evaluation, RAMA and Ministry of Education (Chief Scientist's Office) professionals and for the program evaluation professionals working with the school systems.
Once RAMA was formally founded, however, the steering committee made a decision to limit its activities to requests issuing from RAMA and to not revisit this topic in the coming years.