Symposium: Writing Skills and Their Development in Different Age Group, 20 December 2012
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Symposium: Writing Skills and Their Development in Different Age Group, 20 December 2012

Bible Lands Museum, Jerusalem

Developing writing skills is an essential component in the development of literacy among school-age students. Writing is a complex skill and possesses attributes distinct from other literacy skills. Competency depends upon different components of knowledge, higher-order abilities of knowledge organization, and presenting information in a coherent manner to different audiences. The ability to write is critical to the process of learning since it is the means by which the student displays knowledge, and because it contributes to active learning. It is most certainly crucial for high school graduates as a prerequisite for higher education as well as for a knowledge-intensive labor market environment. At the same time, it seems as though writing receives only secondary attention in literacy education research and practice. The main emphasis is placed on reading comprehension and often, students are not required to engage in adequate writing experiences that would afford them the opportunity to develop all the linguistic knowledge and cognitive skills that affect the process of writing.

Against this background, the Language and Literacy Committee decided to hold a workshop in which a variety of aspects related to the development of writing skills will be discussed – from the various theoretical models that explain cultivation of the skill of writing among different age groups, to various strategies for teaching writing, and up to fostering writing in different genres and areas of knowledge.

The Committee has invited Prof. Gert Rijlaarsdam (University of Amsterdam) to the symposium to discuss the wide-ranging work he carries out in this field. Prof. Rijlaarsdam is one of the world's leading scholars in the field of development of writing at different grade levels, nurturing writing skills in different genres and writing assessment.

The symposium will take place on Thursday, December 20, 2012 at the Bible Lands Museum in Jerusalem.