Symposium: Scaling-Up school interventions
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Symposium: Scaling-Up school interventions

Date & Time: 21/02/2012
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Consensus Committee: Language and Literacy

In February 2012 the Language and Literacy Committee held a workshop and a symposium on "Scaling Up Proven School Interventions". The aim of these events was to explore the factors affecting the prospects of designing and implementing successful school interventions and the possibility to scale them up.

The committee brought together practitioners and researchers to discuss the challenges of the different stages of school interventions.

Guest lecturer: Professor Robert E. Slavin, Johns Hopkins University (U.S.A.).

Below please find the agenda and background materials for the workshop and symposium, as well as the videos of the lectures and the presentations of the speakers. 

scaling up proven programs: why and how
Prof. Robert E. Slavin

Featured: 21/02/2012