Workshop: Language of the disciplines
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Workshop: Language of the disciplines

Date & Time: 29/12/2011
Additional details - Hebrew
Continual Committee: Language and Literacy

Following a workshop in the summer of 2011, organized by the Language and Literacy Committee ("From General Language Literacy to Disciplinary Literacy") and in light of the mounting research data concerning the importance of fostering literacy in the various disciplinary areas, the Language and Literacy Committee gathered for a study workshop to discuss the linguistic attributes of the various subject matter areas taught in middle school. The workshop based its discussions on a working paper commissioned from Prof. Zohar Livnat (Bar-Ilan University) and Dr. Esther Cohen (Kay College) which included an analysis of the linguistic attributes of various disciplines as reflected in the subjects' textbooks. Participating in the workshop were (Ministry of Education) inspectors from different disciplines, researchers, instructors, curriculum developers and evaluators.

Prof. Livnat and Dr. Cohen's working paper is available in Background Materials (in Hebrew).

Below are links to the presentations given by the speakers at the workshop (in Hebrew).

Featured: 29/12/2011