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Background materials

Materials available under "Background material" were commissioned by the Initiative and its committees and served as background for their work. Additional background materials were not translated into English and can be read only in the Hebrew version of the website.

Moral and Character Education in the Israeli Curriculum Executive Summary

Author: Ariel Sarid

Middle schools - Characteristics and challenges: Executive summary

Author: Audrey Addi-Raccah,Hadar Biran, Shira Freedman-Goldberg
Continual Committee: Language and Literacy

Knowing mathematics well enough to teach it

Author: Debora Loewenberg Ball

Integrating content and skills in teaching history and philosophy Executive summary

Author: Yehoshua Mathias

Inequality and Education: Workshop on the relation between rising economic inequality and educational attainment and achievement

Author: The committee members

Gifted students: Executive summary

Author: Inbal Shani
Consensus Committee: Education System Indicators
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