Prof. Fadia Nasser-Abu Alhija

Bio Sketch

Professor in the School of Education at Tel Aviv University, where she heads the Program for Research, Measurement and Evaluation Methods. Previously, Prof. Nasser-Abu Alhija was research coordinator for GRE testing at the Educational Testing Service (ETS) in Princeton, NJ. Her research focuses on the methodology of measurement and evaluation of achievement as they relate to gender and culture, evaluation of teachers and teaching and, on the structural validity of testing methods.
Prof. Nasser-Abu Alhija holds a PhD degree in research, evaluation, measurement and statistical methods from the University of Georgia (US), received in 1997.
Member of the Initiative's Steering Committee, and in the past – member of the Initiative's committees on 'measurement and evaluation in education', 'diagnosis, assessment and evaluation in early childhood education', 'knowledge base required for teaching secondary school mathematics' and
'A Proposal to Revamp Schooling for the 21st Century'.

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